Walco Systems has created the next progression of
feeders for a new era. The Evolution series feeders
are engineered to easily feed a wide variety of
products therefore eliminating the high costs of
purchasing both a shuttle and friction feeder.

Operators will appreciate the new innovative design
which allows for quick and easy setup. Quality
components will insure customer satisfaction.

Like all Walco Systems products, the Evolution
series feeders are designed for the high capacity use
demanded by today's commercial environment.
Walco Systems engineers and manufactures products for the Print, Direct Mail and
Packaging Industries. Commercial vacuum transport bases and conveying equipment
are our core products. The modular design of our products ensures flexibility for off-line
or in-line applications. Walco Systems was founded in 1991 as a custom integration
solution provider. Our experienced staff brings 75 years of technical and engineering
expertise which enables Walco Systems to offer our dealer network and customers
unique and innovative solutions

Variable Speed
Integrated 960VSC Conveyor
Through the Belt Vacuum
Adjustable Infeed Product Guides
Adjustable Infeed Product Rollers
Adjustable Belts
12" Wide Transport Rollers
Heavy Duty Full Frame Construction

Lesson Motors
Penta Drive Controllers
Gast Regenerative Blowers
Heavy Duty 5/8" Shafts & Bearings
Heavy Gauge Cabinets
240VT - Vacuum Transport
350VT - Vacuum Transport
655VT - Vacuum Transpor
240IJ 24" Inkjet System
350IJ Inkjet System
655MB Inkjet/Dryer System

Key Features:

Variable Speed Integrated 960VSC Conveyor Controls Through the Belt. Vacuum Adjustable Infeed Product
Guides. Adjustable Infeed Product Rollers. Adjustable Belts. 12" Wide Transport Rollers. Heavy Duty Full
Frame Construction. Software Included. Proven Cartridge Technology. Ethernet Interface. Rugged Design.
Barcodes 80+ Number Generators. Graphical User Interface. (GUI) Postal Indicia Builder Monitoring GUI
Interface Static Bitmaps & Dynamic Bitmaps.
Inkjet Systems
Vacuum Feeders
This compact 24" model is for the business that requires commercial quality equipment but
has limited space. The 240VT is commercial grade platform perfect for upgrading from
table top equipment. It comes standard with 1.5" of print and is expandable to 3" of print.
The base features one 2" wide vacuum belt and two adjustable 1" belts
The 350IJ Model is a modular commercial grade platform that allows for maximum
flexibility in building a system. It comes standard with two 1.5" print banks for 3" of print
and is expandable to 4". Additional features over the 240IJ include independent vacuum
control, feeder interlock switch, momentary jog, down stream interlock, conveyor/feeder
stop interlock and conveyor speedup option. The base features two 1" wide vacuum belts
and two adjustable 1" belts.
The 655MB inkjet system is designed for multi-tasking on the same inline vacuum
transport base. This design is an economical solution for those who do not need the
flexibility of individual components. This platform incorporates the same feature rich
Hewlet Packard inkjet system as the 240IJ and 350IJ. Inkjet printing comes
standard with 3" of print and is expandable to 6". The base features two 1.5" wide
vacuum belts and two adjustable 1" belts
Vacuum Transports Key Features:
Quality Components Include:
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Video # 2 VF200 High Speed
Commercial Vacuum Friction
Feeder (#2) Product Video
Video# 1 VF200 High Speed
Commercial Vacuum Friction
Feeder (#1) Product Video
VF 400 VideoVF400 High
Speed Commercial Vacuum
Friction Feeder Product Video

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655VT-Vacuum Transport