This rugged workhorse of the mailing industry is universally known as the best production value for the busy
mail center and or office environment. Engineered for reliable and long lasting service,  Receiving periodic
enhancements, has been in production for over 30 years. It will automatically collate, stuff, seal and stack
envelopes or pass them through an inline postage meter to yield a finished mailing ready for bundling.
The basis of its smooth high-speed operation is the parallel or conjugated cam. Mailcrafter gripper arm
detection system guards against missed or double inserts and is regarded as the most reliable in the industry.
Document selection and separation from the insert stations is by vacuum control which gives a high degree of
consistency and reliability for all types of paper media.

The Edge  Series Model  is available in envelope turn-over, or sealer-roller configuration. Standard features
include a safety two hand start and simple initial machine setup, without special tools. A true "operator
friendly" inserting machine.

The ultimate mailing equipment  for any mail center and/or office environment.
Four station Edge One with Fold-it & Ink jet
L B I  
Fold-it with read
9800/9800L EDGE TWO